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Originally founded in August 1999, AmeriProd LLC has evolved through years of web based platforms and E-commerce solutions.

Our goal is to consistently adapt to and offer consumers the latest trends and products within this ever growing industry. We strive to respond to you, "The Consumer" and the growing demands of the shopping community with solutions to your biggest concerns.

At AmeriProd, we work hard for your business and can assure you that a satisfied customer base is the most important aspect of our internal mission statement. "We realize that without you, we would not exist".
We believe that we have the ingredients to offer you a shopping experience that will ultimately bring you back as a return customer and once again let us know we have succeeded in meeting your needs.

We will always adhere to the following principles:

Real Customer Service:
  • When you call us you will never get a machine or be redirected through automated operator systems.
  • Our staff will answer your calls during business hours and see to it that your questions are met with answers.
  • Our site operators are On Site, not "Farmed Out" from call centers.

    Site and Customer Security:
  • We use State Of The Art SSL encrypted security for order processing.
  • You have the option to call us to place your order directly if you so choose.
  • We will never Sell or Give Away your personal information under any circumstances to anyone.
  • We constantly Audit our site for "Security Compliance"

    Shipping Charges:
  • We Collect from you "Actual Shipping Charges"
  • We never Mark Up our shipping.
  • Some stores hide the charges through product mark up or other tactics and then offer you "Free Shipping"

    We adhere to the strict principles and procedures that our company is built upon and will allways put you the consumer first. We at AmeriProd thank you for taking the time to visit us and hope to hear from you soon!